Internet Privacy: Browser Extensions

If you need somewhere to start right now, there is no better spot than with your browser. With just a few browser extensions you can heavily impact how easily others can track you. Click the extension name to be linked to its page for more information.

Automatically request a more secure version of the websites you go to. It has settings to be even more restricted and block any website request that is not secure. If you download nothing else, use this for privacy and security.

This extension will block most ads, including from Youtube player. Pages will load faster without the extra garbage, videos don't get interrupted, and you make it that much harder for companies to bother you. One note on this is that it will stop that website from receiving advertisement revenue from you. This can impact your favorite places to go to as they lose money with more people using advertisement blockers. Thankfully, uBlock can be configured to not run on specific websites all the way down to specific web pages on those sites.

This little guy blocks website trackers which are bits of code that help watch your actions on the internet. It will also send out what is called a "Do Not Track" request to try and get you web pages that don't have anything tracking you built in.